Brides’ FAQs About Airbrush Make Up

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Brides’ FAQs About Airbrush Make Up

Airbrush makeup has become extremely popular in the past few years especially for brides. This craze is all over and EVERYBODY wants to be airbrushed! But what is it really? What’s in it that when someone tried it once, they wanted it even more? Why do brides need it on their wedding? Here are the answers to all the questions I always get from clients.  This is everything you need to know about airbrush make up and why you would definitely want it for your own wedding.

How is it applied?

Airbrush make up is applied using an airbrush machine – air compressor, a medical degree hose and a spray gun.  This machine is use to spray thin, fine cosmetic products to put on your skin. The product, usually the foundation is dropped into the cup which is being released by pulling the spray gun’s trigger.

What kind of products are used?

Cosmetic products specifically for airbrush make up are used in this technique.  One cannot use products used in traditional make up.  Say for foundation, it would be far too thick to feed through the gun if you use foundation for traditional make up.  Airbrush makeup products has their own unique formula made specifically for airbrush-gun application.

What is the coverage like?

Airbrush makeup is applied in the finest mist, the coverage can vary from sheer to full coverage. It is built up gradually so you will not see instant coverage the way you do with traditional liquids.  As the product is sprayed, it sits on top of your skin which gives you flawless finish in a lesser amount. In short, you get beautiful skin without an inch-thick make up.

How does it feel on the skin?

It actually feels weightless on the skin. My clients say it feels like they aren’t even wearing makeup at all.  This is because lesser product is used as it is sprayed and sits right on top of your skin.

Does it last all day?

The main benefit of airbrush foundation is, without a doubt, its durability. Temptu, my only trusted brand when it comes to airbrushing, is in silicone-based formula, lasts the longest compared to other varieties. Other brands are in water-based formulas and does not hold up as well as silicone-based when exposed to moisture, tears and sweat.

Which is best – water-based or silicone-based?

Well, each promise different finish.  I would describe water-based as more matte and porcelain-doll looking and silicone-based gives a real skin finish.  Silicone-based moves with the skin and does not crack like water-based formulas. Silicone-based is also much more durable, and you cannot cry or sweat through it.  My clients would text me night time right after the wedding saying they can even wear the make up to sleep so they could have a morning “woke up like this” selfie. (lol)

I have serious breakout issues. Can I still look flawless?

Airbrush make up promises flawless looking skin but airbrushing alone cannot hide all those acnes.  You must have a Make Up Artist who knows how to do the tricks in correction and concealing prior to airbrushing.  If done properly, you will definitely get that flawless, even, and photoshopped kinis skin!

Do I “really” have to go for airbrush make up on my wedding day to be flawless?

No, you don’t really have to. HD traditional make up when done properly also gives flawless finish.  HD traditional make up and airbrush make up are equally beautiful on camera.  But I always recommend airbrush make up to brides because it is more durable and has a serious lasting power.  Brides has so much to do during the wedding day – walk here and there to entertain guests, dance, pose for a whole day of photo shoot – sometimes under the sun, a little bit of stress, and they are likely to cry a lot.

These are so far most of the questions I get from clients.  If you have anything you want to know about airbrush make up, contact me here or leave a comment below.  I would be very glad to answer all the queries you have.



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