A Bride’s Guide: Secrets for A Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle

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A Bride’s Guide: Secrets for  A Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle

Want the wedding day hairstyle of your dreams? Check out this list of dos and don’ts.

1. Plan Ahead

If you plan to have you hair colored, permed, or treated, have it done at least one month before your wedding date. The extra time will soften your style a bit, so it looks more natural. Also, should disaster strike, you’ll have time to fix it.

2. Don’t Feel Obligated to Rock an Updo

Updo is what I usually suggest for the ceremony BUT if you’ve never worn an updo a day in your life and you’re not comfortable about it then don’t force yourself. You don’t have to do it for the first time on your wedding day. Wear your hair in whatever style makes you feel prettiest. If that means an updo, great. If you’d prefer a lovely  braid you found in the internet, go for it. If you want it down, waves will be good option.

3. Don’t Overdose On Hair Product

Do not load up lotions, serums, and sprays because greasy hair isn’t exactly an ideal look under your veil. Use only few drops of smoothing and anti-frizz products and go easy on your roots. It’s right near your scalp and that’s where hair is naturally greasiest. On the night before your wedding, do not use anything except shampoo. Your hair will much easier to style on your most prepared day.

4. Do not get a haircut right before your wedding

I cannot count the number of times I hear about she only wanted a “trim”! Yes, the hairdresser trimmed it into an almost bob cut! It’s definitely not something you want to happen right before the big day. But if it already did, that’s ok! Hair extensions to the rescue! Plan ahead and trim your ends a few months before the wedding day for healthy looking hair.

5. Be True to the Real You

Keep it as simple as possible. You don’t want to leave your guests wondering who that lady in the white dress is! Besides that, an overly complicated hair do is just one more thing for you to worry about.

6. Discuss with your Professional Make Up Artist/Hairstylist

It is better that you discuss this matter with your Make Up Artist/Hairstylist.  I always suggest my clients to send me photos their best pick and let me see which one will suit their face shape.  Schedule a consultation to try on some style to see which fits you best.  I would recommend using hair extension at some point to achieve a perfect do.


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