Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding Make Up Artist

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Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding Make Up Artist

Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding Make Up Artist

Choosing your wedding make-up artist for your big day comes with a lot of pressure. If you’re dreaming of being a blushing bride (literally), it’s important to find the right wedding makeup artist to bring out your best features. Before you sign any contracts, make sure you ask any potential makeup artists these essential questions.
1. What line of experience and expertise do you have?
Some make-up artist could be great at doing certain types of make-up styles, but have no experience in bridal make-up. It’s one of the most important days of your life and your make-up needs to look good in both photos and in the natural light, so you need a make-up artist who can get this just right. It is important to make sure that the one you are considering specializes in wedding make-up, and is passionate about it.  Wedding gigs are sometimes taken advantage by some MUA to fund the free of charge editorial work they may do during the week.  Make sure that the ones you are considering have photos of their wedding work on their websites, as well as testimonials from bridal clients.
2. Do you have photos of your previous wedding makeup work?
Until you have a trial make up, you will need visual material as proof of your make-up artist’s past experience and so you can envisage what your make-up will look like on your big day. Make sure anyone you’re about to book has experience and actual proof in the form of client testimonials, photos, etc. so you can see if they’re worth your time.
3. What kinds of products do you use?
Don’t be afraid to ask the makeup artist to open up their tool case and show you the goods before committing to anything! The products a makeup artist uses play a big part in making your face glow on your wedding day, so you want to get a sneak peek of what you’re paying for before confirming you booking.
4. What will you do to make my makeup last and look great in photos?
Your wedding is bound to be a long and emotional day. Tears will make your make up run and smudge if your makeup artist don’t have the knowledge and skills in making your make up long lasting.A good wedding make up should last whole day and night, regardless of the sweat and tears. It doesn’t hurt to ask your makeup artist what techniques he or she uses to ensure a long-lasting look, and how he or she plans to make your features stand out in those all-important wedding album photos. That way, you’ll have one less thing to worry about knowing you’re in capable hands.
5. What foundation kind of foundation do you use?
Your foundation play a major part of your whole makeup.If you’re opting for an airbrush make up, make sure your makeup artist will not use traditional foundation right before he or she applies airbrush foundation. Why? Traditional make up and airbrush make up are two different things. Airbrush foundation alone when applied correctly, can do wonders at the thinnest product.Using traditional foundation before the airbrush will surely make your foundation look thick and cakey.This technique is used by some makeup artist for them to save time and airbrush products and it will not help in making your make up last longer.
6. Can we do a makeup trial?
Doing a trial run of your wedding makeup before the big day is equally as important for you as it is for your makeup artist because it’s a chance for you two to get on the same page. This is the time to communicate your color preferences and let your makeup artist know how light or heavy handed your makeup artist is.
7. What kind of a bridal look would you suggest for me?
Asking this can reveal a lot, actually. You can find out a makeup artist’s communication style, how well the two of you would work together, and a bit about their knowledge base with this simple little question. So, go ahead and ask this to your makeup artist now!
8. How far removed will my look be from the make-up I wear every day?
You want your wedding day make-up to reflect you and your style, not just what the make-up artist wants. It will need to be inkeeping with your natural day look and not be too extreme.Make sure your makeup artist can achieve your desired bridal look in the thinnest products.
9. Can you accommodate my bridesmaids’ or family members’ makeup too?
It’s your big day, but you’ve also got a crew of bridesmaids behind you who also want to look their best, and they might want to get their makeup professionally done too. Some brides require their ‘maids to get their makeup done together and some just offer it as a courtesy, but either way, you should ask your makeup artist what your options are so your maids know well in advance. And if your mom or mother-in-law would like her makeup done as well, be sure to ask your makeup artist if he or she can accommodate them.In my case, I have a team whom I trained personally and works with me.Our manpower depends on the quantity of bridesmaids.
10. Can I see a copy of your standard contract?
If there are any other details you think you’re leaving out or any questions you’re afraid you left unasked, this question just about covers it all and ensures that you see each clause and everything you’re signing up for.


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