Simple Beauty Routine To Start As Soon As You Get Engaged

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Simple Beauty Routine To Start As Soon As You Get Engaged

Simple Beauty Routine To Start As Soon As You Get Engaged

You’re officially engaged! You’ll be walking down the aisle some day soon and of course, you like to be the gorgeous bride on the big day. This is the time to begin your pre-wedding beauty routine. These are the things you really want to begin doing right now, to be wedding-ready later.

Practice a skin care routine

If you want glowing wedding skin, now is the time to start.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Moisturizer

These are the basic and the most important practice you must do twice a day, morning and night, as you approach your wedding day.

Drink lots of water

Eight glass of water a day seems so hard to attain but this is what will hydrated body.  Remember, a properly hydrated body is a healthy body. This is important in order to look and feel your best. Wedding planning is as stressful as it gets and it’s about to hit hard and you can easily battle this just by staying hydrated.  When your body has the right amount of healthy liquids, you’ll be able to sleep easier and rest well.

Give your brows some professional care

I always tell this to my clients, “if you can’t have your brows done professionally, just leave it alone and I will do it for you”.  Perfect brows don’t happen overnight.   Don’t do it yourself if you are not sure that you can do it perfectly.

Don’t forget your lips

Your lips is just as important as the other parts of your face.  You don’t want to face the guests with your lips flaking with dead skin, right? Remember the “you may kiss the bride” part of your wedding? Oh no, of course you don’t want to kiss your husband with those flaky lips.  Start scrubbing your lips very lightly with a pinch of brown sugar and a drop of honey or olive oil. Do this as often as thrice a week and you will surely get that healthy, supple, and kissable lips.

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