Tips For Your Bridal Makeup Trial

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Tips For Your Bridal Makeup Trial

Your wedding day beauty look may be the most important makeup of your life and it is important to ace your bridal look.  To make this possible, it is advisable that you schedule a trial make up to the top Professional Make Up Artist in your list.

Listed are the things to do for the trial make up session to be beneficial to you and worth your time.

  • Try to do the trial make up session the morning so you can see how the look lasts throughout the day. Good bridal make-up should last all day and night for the after-party.
  • Bring photos of yours wearing your gown and show them to your Make Up Artist. This way, she can recommend makeup and hair style that will complement with your gown.
  • Show some photos of makeup and hair style that you like so that the artist can identify your choice and preferred styles. But remember, these photos will only serve as reference. Don’t expect that you will get the exact look of those models in the photos as you have different facial features.
  • Inform her of the things you don’t want so that the she can avoid those specific styles. This is just as important as letting her know the things you want.
  • During the actual trial make up session, wear a white shirt or dress to substitute the wedding gown. This way you can foresee how the make up would complement with white.
  • Bring someone that can honestly give you a feedback on your look. Make sure that she has the same preference as you when it comes to hair and make up.
  • Make sure that you have a clean face, without anything on it, except oil-free moisturizer. Application of any product is not advisable prior to your trial make up session.
  • Be sure to wash your hair the night before the trial makeup session. This will make the hair easier to style.
  • Take before and after make up photos from every Make Up Artists. This way you could compare and see which look is best for you in photos.

Lasting point to bear in mind is the artist should be present to meet your requirements and needs. Their main goal is to make sure that you will be a beautiful and happy bride on your very special day, therefore you should not have hesitation to express freely your thoughts and criticisms that you may have during the session.  Make sure to discuss with her everything you “want” and you “don’t want”.  Additionally, if the make up is not done to your liking for the trial, you have the time to communicate that with your Make Up Artist in order to make the necessary changes right then and there so that you can be given exactly what you are aiming for.

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